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A Poem Written by a Highway Poet


Bikers are a strange breed

Because when it comes to living

Most men act like they’re going

To live forever

And feel shortchanged

When they don’t

But most bikers know the truth

When it comes to life

We’re all just passing through

So you might as well enjoy the ride

What others measure

In dollars and cents

Most bikers measure

In speed and chrome

Cast iron — stainless steel

Black rubber — engine power

And it’s what your gauges

Measure that counts

Not other people’s expectations

It’s twisting the wick

Snapping the next gear

Going down the red line

While you streak

Down the white line

Leaving all the citizens

To stay in line

‘Cause you know the truth. . .

We’re all just passing through

And heaven is just one more gear up.

By My Good Friend & Highway Poet

K. Peddlar Bridges

Check the Highway Poet website if you feel like it.


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