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War Has All The Money Gone?

I was watching the news last night and this morning, amazed by all the teacher cuts all over the country.  The talking heads were telling us that this is a new era and we’ll have to get used to working with less.  Also, just recently some Tea Party member was talking about the sucking sound of money disappearing into health care initiatives  like Medicare, Medicaid and the new Health Care Bill.

What astounds me is that the sucking sound of money disappearing from our country is because of the ENDLESS WARS.  Nobody is talking about the cost, both financially and physically, of the Iraqi debacle and the Afghanistan disaster.

Are we really spending billions of dollars chasing a gang of cats called Al Qaeda all around the world?  As our country’s infrastructure declines, as we strip our educational systems, as we blame the poor for taking too many food stamps and too much welfare, the WAR MACHINE, a hungry beast out of control, is stealing the future of our country.

Just a quick example of our blundering war machine.  Since 2002 our country has poured $6 billion into developing a police force in Afghanistan so they can take over when we leave.  It’s 2010 and barely one-quarter of the 98,000 member force has received any formal instruction.  Fifteen per cent of the recruits test positive for drugs and nearly 90% are illiterate.  Approximately 170,000 Afghans have been trained but only 30,000 remain on the force–and their competence is questionable.

And this is 6 billion dollars later.  How many teachers in the United States could be working for that kind of money?

I’m writing this column on Earth Day. (You can see I’m slow in putting it up.)  Now this is a day that’s started, I believe, in 1970, to make people aware of our deteriorating environment.  It still exists, but like many good things Earth Day has become perverted and is now a corporate holiday.

All the major corporations are screaming GREEN, they have special departments to write text and tell us about what they are doing to maintain sustainability, whatever they mean by that.  Meanwhile, in the boardrooms, other members of the same corporations are planning their next moves to persuade us to buy products, even though these products are part of what is destroying the world.

Why are the Dead Zones in the ocean increasing in size?  Why are the ice caps melting and raising our water levels so that islands are being evacuated in order that their populations don’t drown.  What has caused this decade to be the hottest on record?

Did you know that, besides the Dead Zones–which are multiple in number and cover areas as large as some of our smallest states–we have giant Plastic Zones in the ocean where non-degradable garbage swirls around and around.  These Plastic Zones are the Sargasso Sea for the creatures that try to live in the ocean.

Our world is mostly ocean but this land creature called humanity is changing the face of, not only the oceans, but everything on this planet.  Right now we are undergoing a mass extinction of species on a scale that has only taken place 5 other times in the history of our planet.  One time was when a giant asteroid hit the world and created an almost endless winter (endless in human time).

We are causing this mass extinction.  Countless species are being wiped out or are in danger of extinction.  In some spots off Washington state and Oregon, hypoxic zones exist in the ocean.  Hypoxia means an almost complete lack of oxygen.  The carcasses of multiple species of crabs litter the ocean floor in these zones.  Twenty-five year old sea stars wash onto the beaches and crippled colonies of sea anemones struggle to survive.  Mats of potentially poisonous bacteria thrive in hypoxic zones.

The weather is changing.  New Orleans still hasn’t recovered from Hurricane Katrina.  And now the BP oil spill is having its way with the Gulf Coast.  I’ll bet some of the money being sucked up by the war machine could help New Orleans.  Not to mention Haiti.  How about Haiti?

We, as a species, have lost our perspective.  If only our psychological and emotional maturity could equal our technological maturity.  If only.

War not only sucks up our oil, our gas, our people’s lives, their people’s lives, but it also wreaks havoc on the environment in which it takes place.  The companies that make the tools that we use to kill each other are not in financial trouble.  They are making more money than ever.

Ironically, many of the weapons that we produce here in the Corporate States(United States) wind up in the hands of the people we are fighting.  How does that make sense?

I can’t say it enough.  If half of the total money that the war machines suck up went into cleaning our environment, hiring teachers, helping the poor get housing and food, and not just here, we’d be doing a hell of a lot better than we are doing now.

Nobody is saying it.  The price of the war machine should be trumpeted on our national news every night, the actual dollar amount exposed daily and the money trail should be followed right to the door of every corporation that makes weapons that kill.

Why is it that we never have enough money for medical care but we always have enough money to blow people, places and things to unholy hell?  Maybe if the money eaten by the war machine that eats us was used to combat global warming we would have a better chance of surviving.  Just think of every war apparatus that emits toxicity: those giant aircraft carriers, those creepy looking bombers that explode across the sky, shattering the ear drums of the people who are about to be blow to shreds.  Noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution, earth pollution, mind pollution–just to name a few.

Let’s hire more teachers and kill less people.  Let’s have health care for everyone using the billions of dollars we now use to destroy life.  If we put the money from the war machine into better alternatives like schools, hospitals, the space program, eradication of hunger–we’d have enough teachers, everyone would have the best of health care like our politicians do(they don’t depend on Medicare) and we’d probably have reached the planet Mars a long time ago.

God knows we have the resources.  Now all we have to do is get resourceful and point the finger to the real problem–The WAR MACHINE.  Wake up humanity or go to sleep forever!



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Obama, The New President

Now the work begins, undoing all the damage that the Bush presidency has done.  Hopefully, all the soldiers will be brought home from Iraq.

The fact is, this is more than Barack Obamas job to remake the vision of our country.  It is our job too.

Under the regime of Bush & Cheney, we have again become The Ugly American.  Barack Obama inspires hope in me and I know that I have to do my part.

Use less fuel.  I bicycle, I have a small motorcycle that gets 60 mpg, a Honda Rebel 250cc, and a nine year old Honda Civic that gets close to 30 mpg.  My wife has a newer Honda Civic which gets 35 mpg.

And that’s just the beginning.  A new beginning for all of us.

Do I pray?  Yes, I do.  But it takes more than that.  My actions speak louder than my words.  I can say anything I want here but if I don’t live it, it becomes meaningless blather.

May the world, and the United States, heal, heal, heal.

Our species stands poised on the edge.  We face challenges never faced before.  The choice is ours — the collapse of civilization as we know it — or a world where life is held sacred and promises kept.

May whatever God you believe in calm your spirit and enrich your soul.

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What To Do Next After The Crash

Turn off your TV!  Sit back.  Take a few deep breaths.  Relax.  Getting frightened doesn’t change anything.   Look around you.  Is everything okay where you live.

If it isn’t, then you have to deal with it.  If everything in your humble abode is okay, then be there.

This too shall pass.  Forget the media.  For them, this is payday.

I’m going to vote.  I’m going to follow what I believe.  You can do the same.  Follow the path to the truth.  I’m not going to tell you what that path is.  Inside yourself, you know it.

Pay attention.

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Pre-Election Blues: The Perfect Storm

The hurricanes. The stock market crash. The Bush bail-outs.

Why is it that there is always enough money for war, to bail out the rich, but not enough money for healthcare and food for the poor?

Bushvilles are springing up all over the land as our country edges toward collapse. McCain doesn’t have a clue as to what to do; why is it that he is challenging Obama at the polls? Is anybody paying attention to what is real?

The human species is getting ready to take care of itself. The perfect storm is hurtling towards us. Well, the Earth will be better off in the long run.

Shock the vote! ! !

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Pre-Election BluesII: Bushvilles Spring Up All Over The United States

“By the rivers of Babylon there we sat and wept . . .”—Psalm 137

In Reno, Nevada, a small group of tents populated by homeless people sprang up by the railroad tracks.  People with nowhere else to go.  Within a short time there were over 150 tents, so close to each other they could barely breathe, filled with people who had come to Reno to look for work. 

There was none.

This wasn’t only happening in Reno.  It was happening in Seattle, Washington, Athens, Ga., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Cal., and Portland, Oregon.  Tent cities being born all over the U.S.A. as the foreclosure explosion took off and the hurricanes hit Texas and Mississippi and the stock market crashed.

This isn’t a recession — it’s a depression and these communities filled with homeless people are the result of the Bush administration’s greedy policies that protect the rich corporations and have no regard for the people.

In the 1930’s they were called Hoovervilles, named after the president of that era.  These new tent cities are Bushvilles, directly caused by the policies that have driven our country into 10,000,000,000,000,000 of debt.

Debt caused by the Iraqi War, the corporate bailouts, the sell-outs, the collapse of our infrastructure.

“It’s clear that poverty and homelessness have increased,” said Michael Stoops, acting Director of the National Coalition for the Homeless.

Between the wars, the hurricanes, the business practices of our current regime and the collapsing stock market, we now have The Perfect Storm creating Bushvilles all over the United States.

God help us because it appears that we are not helping ourselves.  Well, it seems that the corporate rich are helping themselves to everything and leaving the crumbs for us.

If Barack Obama doesn’t win the election for president, it will be the end of the United States of America.  We’ll all live in Bushvilles.

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Pre-Election Blues

This is just the beginning of the end. As I sit here I ponder the fate of a country that would be foolish enough to elect John McCain and Sarah Palin. True, McCain was a soldier. It is a sad fact that many soldiers are dying and getting shattered by the current wars that our idiot republican president, George W. Bush and his puppet master, Dick Cheney, have lied to lead us astray.

Our country is dying and the new angels of death are McCain and Palen. Elect them and you will be pulling, not an election ballot, but the switch on an instrument of death because they will finish us off.

I have nothing else to say today.

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911: The Election Blues

The republican war room strikes; Mitt Romney, the sleek, slippery, beady-eyed pit bull makes a quote similiar to the Orwell quote in my last post, but he attributes it to himself. Theft is nothing new for this man; he has spent his entire life thinking of ways to take jobs from the working man so he could make more money.

John McCain, the Gargoyle, has designated Romney to slay the opponent with his slippery tongue. McCain lurches from stage to stage, forgetting where he came from. No Straight-Talk Express anymore; McCain wants the prize; he wants to clutch it in his webbed fingers, hold it high while he rapes what is left of the U.S.A.

I have to go now. I think the republican SWAT team is closing in.

Mitt Romney has fangs.

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