War, The Human Species, Greed

During the 20th Century over 120,000,000 people died as a direct or indirect result of war.  World War 1, World War 2, the Korean War, the VietNam (American) War and all the other battles, skirmishes that continue to take place now.  Now there is Darfur, Iraq, Afghanistan and why not include the United States of America because they are about 4% of the world’s population and they consume close to 50% of the world’s resources.

When I say they for the U.S. I should say WE because that’s where I live.

In 1968 the minimum wage kept a family 30% above the poverty level.  To have the same buying power the minimum wage had in ’68, today it should be $14 an hour, at least.

Meanwhile the CEO’s of Hedge Funds, which is a type of investment, not a company, loot and pillage corporations, then pull out with fantastic sums in the billions of dollars while the working man and woman lose their jobs and pensions.

When the Iraqi war started, George W. Bush told the people of the U.S. to go shopping.

The Military Industrial Complex has become a juggernaut and we have entered the most dangerous era that humankind has ever been in.

As the super-rich get richer and the majority of the world struggle to make do and die in the wars created by the super-rich, the Earth is being raped and pillaged and soon, life as we know it, or knew it, will change radically.

Picking through the filth and residue of the most toxic garbage means, to me, to pick through the minds of the super-rich.

Greed is the watchword for our times.  The weapon-makers are the United States of America.  So drive your SUV while you can, the world, as we know it is about to crash down around us.  Some people think food grows on shelves.

“We are in a perpetual state of frenzy — getting, spending, keeping and protecting.”

Our leaders are liars, incompetants who are driven by greed and they don’t care what happens to the rest of us.  They don’t realize that when the ship goes down, they’re coming with us.  We’re screwed and most of us just sit back and watch television.  That’s how we fiddle while Rome burns.


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One response to “War, The Human Species, Greed

  1. Bruce

    Hey Mark – I have many of the same beliefs about war, greed, violence and politics, so I wanted to ask you how do you maintain your equilibrium? When I spend too much time immersed in that insanity, I get a bad attitude, a case of the “fuck-its” and I want to drink away the pain. How do you do it?

    Bruce (the guy who admired your button this morning in the parking lot)

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