Healthcare in the U.S. and George’s War

This is going to be quick folks and it’s a no-brainer.

George W. has bankrupted various corporations and it looks as if the United States will add to his list if he gets his way.

Not only that but a lot of our innocent men will die in a war that was unnecessary and started under false pretenses.

He wants to pour money into our defense budget and zap our people’s medical and food wellbeing at the same time. He likes to cut taxes to the rich and put the burden on the poor.

He proposes a 4.1% increase in defense and a 5% decrease in education. Our schools are suffering enough. You see students all over the country begging in a plethora of ways to fund programs that benefit them.

You also see a constant increase in body bags coming home and we’re paying good tax money to kill our own men and other innocents abroad.

George is proposing an 8% decrease in Home Security. Thank God he’s proposing a 13.3% increase to help war veterans. More and more shattered men and women are coming home from the war zones than ever before.

You know, this is a war that should never have taken place. Not only is Iraq in worse shape than ever before, which destabilizes the entire MidEast, but this is a real budget-buster and there’s no good way out. I saw it coming. I hoped against hope that it wouldn’t happen, but it did.

The world’s war machine eats more of humanities resources than we can afford. Not only do we endanger other species all over the world with our careless abuse of the environment, but our own species is in danger of being decimated or worse.

Clean water is vanishing, the ocean’s are being fished out, our tropical forests are being destroyed.

The United States is like Rome, falling into disrepair. George W. Bush, the Romneys and their ilk have more money than most of us can conceive. They don’t need Social Security but most of us do.

Back when I was young, teenagers didn’t come into school with automatic weapons and take out their classmates and I don’t mean to dinner. Maybe a fistfight here and there; every once in a while someone would pull a knife. Things have changed.

Well, that’s my rant for today. Go out and do something good for somebody today, flash a smile, drop a dollar into a homeless man or woman’s hand, donate to your favorite charity and if you don’t have a favorite charity, start one.

Pray for peace, then get busy working for it.

That’s your money the government is spending. Tell them what you want done with it. Say something before it’s too late.


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