The Iraq War, The Bird Flu, Follow The Money

Okay, George W., the corrupt idiot who wants to be dictator of our country is asking for another 245 billion dollars for the war while making “moderate” cuts to farm programs (who needs food when you have bullets), Medicare and the Medicaid healthcare program for those who need it. Meanwhile he sends our fine young men to die for a vision he had while snorting lines of coke.

Oh yes, the coke was a while ago but now he’s drunk on his vision of God. Let me clue you in — George W. is not a Christian. Father Daniel Berrigan is a Christian. Dorothy Day was a Christian.

The killing continues. Iraq has been destabilized by a greedy madman’s dream (I’m gonna get the guy who wanted to kill my daddy) and our government is now a debtor nation and sinking fast.

If I did my finances the way George is doing the United States budget, I’d be filing bankruptcy.

By the way, a side tip for those of you who aren’t paying attention. FOOD DOESN’T GROW ON SHELVES!!!

And right now Britain is moving to contain an massive outbreak of H5N1 (bird flu) in a farm close to Lowestoft in eastern England. Over 2,500 turkeys did the final dixie and they are going to have to cull (slaughter and waste) another 159,000 birds.

Something of this order happened in France about a year ago.

There’s global warming, dead zones in the ocean, millions of exhaust pipes blasting crap into the atmosphere (and they cry about second hand cigarette smoke), and our entire agricultural network depends on oil, right down to the fertilizer.

And somewhere, in laboratories unamed, scientists with narrowed grey matter create strains of diseases so they can be used to fight the enemy. Honey, those diseases don’t discriminate.

Then there’s Monsanto with the killer gene built into the plants so they produce infertile seeds. Labs are one thing but when you let something out into the world, it’s impossible to take it back. It’s like trying to stuff words you’ve spoken back into your mouth.

I just wanted to check in and let you know that someone’s paying attention.

Hey, what about that piece of ice that broke off from the mainland somewhere the other day and stranded a bunch of people. Also a lot of polar bears are diving into the water to swim to that ice they remembered being there a while ago and when they find it gone, they go down into the water.

What’s driving the dolphins up onto the beaches in greater and greater numbers? And tuna fish. I love tuna fish and used to eat it every day for lunch sandwiches at work. They tell me I can’t do that anymore because of the mercury levels. Mercury will strangle my brain function.

I can do that well enough on my own, thank you.

Have a good day, folks. I lied. There’s no poetry here on today’s blog.


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